October 5, 2009

Get Ready For Spring 2010!

It's been a while since I'm not post anything to my blog. After a loooong holiday, it's time to begin the college life. I'm not that excited as everyone but the good thing is I could have more free time than before yeay! :D. Okay, now I'm gonna post some of my discovery about Spring '10 Collection from some various designers. Here it goes...



August 6, 2009

The Olsen Twins

Yeah, they're not the Olsen twins, they're the well-known Icha & Ichi Nuraini. Nothing to compare since they both are alike and gorgeous. I just love them :)

August 3, 2009

Current Obsession: Siberian Husky Dog

It's been such busy days lately and finally I could post again on my blog *fiuhhh*. And now, it's about my current obsession which is a Siberian Husky dog! OH-MY-GOD! I just can't resist this dog. It's too cute to not to be hugged. Look at its face, it's innocent and drop dead cute for god sake's. I wonder if could get one, but I don't know where to buy it and will Daddy gimme the permission to have it in my house :( I wish on my 18th birthday a kind-hearted person will give it to me for a surprise gift *ngarep hahaha* :P

July 27, 2009

(I Must) Stickwitu...

It's 3 in the morning and I'm missing you. This video is the cause of my missing-ness. It's dedicated to my AEF.

Viva Lanvin!

These pictures are found in the middle of boredom and confusion of what to do next after a search for new template for my blog (Yeah, I know I'm the lazy and the uncreative one :P). As seen above, Those collection are from Lanvin Runway for Spring/Summer '10. Why do I feature it on my blog? because I like its formal look combined with laid-back look which give us something fresh to see and wear. Maybe, it could be your fashion ideas of what to wear in Spring/Summer '10. Sounds too early, huh? but you know, fashion is always one year ahead and make peoples rushing to catch it ;)

Current Obsession: Dr. Martens Boots

It simply toxicates my brain and I'm dying to have one. Daddy, please by me one pair of this bluey Doc Martens boots!

My All-Time-Friend-Part-Time-Dancer KRYPTONITE

This picture was taken on Yearbook photo session. We decide to choose in-studio photo shot rather than on 'lapangan sekolah' photo shot as offered by the photographer because my 4 oh-so-demanding girls requested to not having a photo shot under the sun refering to the burning weather at that time (ewww crap). We've been such good team-mate for over 3 years (and I'm the Captain of the team). Many things we've been through together. Sad, happy, anxious, over-excited, cry are parts of our friendship. I really miss the after school daily routines, anxious feeling before performing, the glory after won on a competition and many things that happened in the past 3 years. Hopefully, we won't separate and keep stick with each other. Much love, hugs and kisses for my Kryptonite :)